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can we delay dialysis of a CKD patient in stage 5? any suggestion pursue dialysis or to delay a bit

Posted by maricar

a  56 year old female, diagnosed to have CKD stage 5.

>doesnt want to undergo dialysis because of limited financial resources of the family

>creatinine of 5mg/dl

>Hgb of 8 but was given 3 units PRBC.....

>complains of leg cramps

meds: amlodipine, sodium bicarbonate, losartan, ferrous sulfate, furosemide

> dr said we can observe if her body can handle then if not go for dialysis

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>creatinine level is not very high. when >creatinine level get rather than 10 u think about dialysis. dieat control is best option to  stop fast growth of creatinine.

hi..just this month of may her creatinine went up to 8.7 from 5...we agreed upon with her nephrologist to start for dialysis...she said its important to start ealier to prolong her life that start dialysis when she is severed....then we went o another doctor who says its okay to delay a bit just for her to watch her blood pressure and diet...but evetually will have to undergo dialysis but not so soon....we are torn between this to options because first we lack financial source, my mom doesnt want to undergo such........what do you think would be better for her to enjoy her remaining life? if dialysis really very urgent then we'll do our best to collect funds for her treatment.....

shes okay right now though...normal amounat of urine, accassional leg cramps, occasional palpitations..those were just her symptoms...anyone please who can gice advise....

thank you very much!

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