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Can Renal Failure Patients eat eggs ? - Kidney Failure patients diet

Posted Aug 07 2014 9:17am

Kidney failure diet, especially in patients with chronic renal failure and total dietary principle is to light diet, low salt low sodium, low-protein diet, the best quality protein intake, the patient edible milk, eggs, meat, fish, soy products, etc. containing high quality protein foods, but must be adequate; limit intake of high phosphorus foods, like sesame, peanuts, melon seeds, and fungi, such as high potassium foods must be needy, like potatoes, radish, melon and other low potassium foods you can eat. 

Patients with renal failure dietary considerations are: 

First, limit intake of potassium 

In vivo accumulation of potassium can cause muscle weakness, kidney failure can cause more serious examination is not the whole heart and cause heart failure generation. 

Second, limit intake of phosphorus 

Because the body will cause excessive loss of calcium phosphate, so doctors will use medications to help control blood phosphorus content, prevent osteoporosis generation. 

Third, limiting sodium intake 

Because salt contains a high sodium content, in patients with renal failure if too much sodium can cause body water retention, thus resulting in the case of heart and lung failure and renal failure aggravated. Renal failure treatment but do not use low-sodium, high in volume due to low sodium and potassium ions. 

Fourth, renal failure dietary protein restriction 

Patients not on dialysis, because the kidneys can not be waste of protein metabolism after discharge, making the situation more serious renal failure, therefore, will be recommended to reduce the intake of protein. But if when dialysis shall note that when dialysis can cause loss of body protein, it must meet the nutritionist's advice, in order to maintain the desired body. 

Fifth, the water intake 

If too much water intake, renal care kidneys can not be excluded, it will cause edema or cardiopulmonary failure, so moisture control is a very important issue, depending on the amount of cases the doctor will urinate, eliminate or when dialysis the amount of water to determine how much water intake, generally in accordance with the amount of 500-750 ml of urine plus the previous day.
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