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Can Patients with Renal Failure Lower Creatinine

Posted May 03 2012 1:31am

Creatinine is a waste product produced by muscles, and it will be excreted by kidney. Once kidney is damaged, the glomerular filtration rate will decline, which is unable to excrete creatinine and other toxins, so the kidney function becomes worse and worse and finally Renal Failure or Uremia appear. We must take actions to lower creatinine to stop further kidney damage.

Creatinine will rise quickly when the kidney function has declined to 50% or less than 50% of the normal level. Once patients find their creatinine level rise, they should pay more attention. Generally speaking, dialysis is needed when the creatinine level reaches to 5, there still have the possibility for patients with Renal Failure to prevent dialysis, as long as they still have kidney function. So for those patients with Renal Failure who has already started dialysis, they should not be used to doing dialysis, they should know that dialysis can not treat Renal Failure, it can just maintain patients’ life. Also dialysis can cause many complications, such as low blood pressure, itchy skin, sleeping problems and so on, however, the most important is that dialysis can make the kidney function worse and worse. So if patients with Renal Failure want to avoid or stop dialysis, they should check that whether they still have some certain kidney functions, they should do some checks to see whether they still have urine and blood stream, if they do, that means they are likely to avoid or stop dialysis.Immunotherapy which combines Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Treatment is the best choice for patients with Renal Failure, it can lower creatinine, protect kidney function, repair and revover the kidney function.

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