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Camping Trip to Tungarli

Posted Mar 14 2013 8:11am
There have been several times when we have gone trekking and camped overnight at the top. This includes carrying our own tent and living in it.

But I had never experienced the fun of going to a location just to camp.

While trekking to Rajmachi I have been enamoured by the scenic beauty of the Tungarli lake. Everytime I went past I resolved that some day I would come here and just chill, enjoying the serenity and spending the night doing nothing.

The time had come. We planned one such outing and the first place that came to mind was Tungarli. Since we had some girls with us, I checked out with some local friends who ratified the idea and we set out.

We were 5 of us, Mona, Durgesh (DP), Ankit and Nishita plus self. Girish is our regular V Hiker and he called on friday to check whether we had some plans for the weekend. He got invited duly. So 6 of us it was.

When DP Girish and myself reached it was so quiet and serene, I could not believe it. The water and the rocks around just buffaloes grazing on the other side. What a feeling it was !!

In some time the rest (they came by train, we had reached by car) arrived and we pitched tents. I had carried both my tents.

A word of thanks to Anand Narayan, my old trek mate who gifted me the bigger tent ! Anand, this tent has made our night stay so cozy so many times.

The sunset was the next spectacle which we all enjoyed.

Nishita had marinated some paneer and chicken and Girish had carried a grill (he plucked it off his oven !)

We made a make shift chulah (We had carried firewood) and lit the fire.

The Paneer turned out to be delectable (I missed the chicken since I am a veggie). It was enough for all of us so we skipped making the noodles.

We chatted late into the night and it really got cold.  We settled into our tents and I woke up early in the morning. There was no tiredness and I felt really fresh.

I stepped into the water and had a wash. What a wonderful feeling it was. I really felt so charged after that wash. Imagine there was no soap, no cosmetics and yet the feeling was so awesome.

I was the only one to get the full sunrise and capture it in my camera. Nishita was the next one to wake and DP and Mona followed soon. The sunrise was also a wonderful experience, from behind the waters of the lake.

We had a photosession and folded the tents.

After which we proceeded to Lonavala for breakfast and then back home for lunch.

It was such a wonderful trip. Nature in its majesty made us feel at home. The spectacular phenomenon of the sun, its rise its setting, everything was so wonderful.

We experience sunrise and sunset everyday, but never experience it !

We experience consuming food everyday, but never experience it !!

We know about these beautiful things in life, but never really make time to experience it !

The Irony of Life !!

For all Photos Check this Link
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