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Been Awhile

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:07pm
I'm happy to report that things are still going well. Blood work is done every 2 weeks now and my next visit to the clinic is in October. After that I will hopefully go to once a month blood work. I didn't realize how long it's been since I last posted until Vicky contacted me about reading my blog. Vicky, that is great that your numbers are holding steady. Yes diabetes is the reason my kidneys failed. My total function had held at a GFR of 22-24 for years. This was always scary because the doctor kept telling me I would hit a wall and just drop. Had gotten down to the 17 level and met with a surgeon who was to place a PD catheter but decided to hold off because I was not exibiting any symptoms. The metallic taste in the mouth, difficulty breathing and sleeping alot without feeling rested and itchy skin. I know you have other issues that cause some of these symptoms. On Novermber 11, I became ill with a sinus infection and that is when my function "hit the wall" and dropped to a GFR of 10. At the time of the transplant it was down to a 6. Dialysis had always scared me but when I got down to the GFR of 10, I was ready for anything that could help me feel better. My friend Ann had originally been diagnosed with Good Pasteur's (sp?). They tested her to make sure it was inactive at the time of transplant and it showed that it was indeed inactive. Problem was she didnt have that disease, she had Wegner's which has symptoms just like Good Pasteur's. I was told I'd be in the townhouse from 3 - 6 wks. It ended up being 2 wks and 4 days. Both of my friends, Ann and Guy did not have to have anyone stay with them. I did because of my swings in bloodsugars. My call for the kidney came the day before I was to start daily peritoneal dialysis. The dialysets of 26 cartons was to be delivered that Saturday. For everyone who has been reading this blog, please keep Vicky in your prayers as she starts the same journey.

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