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atrophic kidney

Posted Dec 11 2013 7:53am

what can cause an atrophic kidney?

The main function of kidney is to get rid of toxic metabolic end products from the body.It also maintains fluid volume, electrolyte balance, and secretes hormones.Human beings have two kidneys, each on left and right side of the vertebral column, at the back of the abdomen.The right kidney is slightly lower in position than the left kidney.The length of each kidney is 4 to 5 inches.The width is around 2 inch.

Atrophic kidney can happen to simple one or bilateral kidneys.The main cause of atrophic kidney can be:inadequate blood supply to kidneys which is called ischemia.Long standing kidney infections such as pyelonephritis, polycystic kidney, and other chronic renal diseases that can affect the nephrons.loss of nephrons.Damage to the renal parenchyma as a result of obstruction in the urinary system.Reflux nephropathy.Blockage of renal artery as a result of blood clot.Compression of blood vessels as a result of renal cyst.

When a person is diagnosed with atrophic kidney the first thing the doctor wants to know is how much is the kidney functioning.At this stage it is not important to know the size of kidney and the percentage of its function left.However, when kidney is found to be functioning even at its minimal, all attempts are made to revitalize the kidney function.In case of urinary tract infection that is responsible for kidney atrophy, necessary medications are administered to reverse the bad kidney function.If the patient is suffering from kidney failure due to chronic kidney disease he may require undergoing dialysis.

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