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Aspiration of the cysts

Posted Sep 12 2008 8:57am 4 Comments
One of my doctors is talking about aspirating my cysts, mostly because they are getting big and uncomfortable. Has anybody ever done this before? Hmm, I guess I have some research to do....
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I aspirated my cyst, but after he again. Else I had from her tachicardy.
HI, had three cyst aspirated on my left breast, they deaden it first the area, and stick a needle in to drain and test fluid and then a small instrument from into the area too to brake the cysts up, and then they insert a small clamp to the area inside , just incase others may develope, so they will know where to look to find them if it occurs again, yes i want lie, it did hurt for a few minutes and its all over, done at hospital with no medicine except shot on area in the boob. not to scare you but its over before you know it, thanks cathy r.
My boyfriend has cysts on his kidney from PKD I believe was the diagnosis. Said it's something he's had since birth. He doesn't currently have health insurance, and is in pain frequently. I don't know what I can do to be of help, or what we are really facing. If anyone has advice I need it. He usually is in the bath for hours,and uses a heating pad. Sometimes takes pain medication but some make him very nauseous. What other at home treatments can I help him to do?  
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