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Aching beside bellybutton and lower back pain

Posted by Alpha

The left side of my bellybutton and lower back is aching.  I've noticed my urine is kinda yellowish and my skin is dry.  Last month, I had UTI which I've taken antibiotics.  To help fight UTI, I'm drinking cranberry juice and$ increased my water intake.  But if I have not taken water before going to bed, in morning my urine turned to yellowish again and sometimes dark yellowish.  My period is delayed for 6 days now and thought that maybe it got affected by the high dosage of antibiotics I've taken or maybe I am anemic because my fingernails are pale.  I am so worried because I've heard that UTI can lead to kidney disease if not treated well.  What could be the possible problem I have?  Can this be cured by self medication?  Please advice.  Thank you very much.

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