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A Long Night

Posted Aug 24 2008 8:01pm

For the past few days I have been experiencing bloating and burping of a type we refer to in our household as “Dad’s Burps of Death”. If it is possible for the smell of decomp to emanate from a human’s insides, I got it.

Yesterday afternoon, it became a major problem. I felt as if my belly was going to explode and every 15 or 20 minutes the Burps of Death would start again, clearing the room. I have had this problem twice before. The first time I let it pass without concern. A day or two later, and everything went back to normal. The second time, I complained to Rose, one of my dialysis nursing team. She had a Doctor prescribe an anti-biotic and I produced a stool sample for study. As before, after a few days everything went back to normal. Nothing special was found in the sample.

Last night I was again unable to have dialysis because of a problem with the blood chamber level. This seems to be a cause of my TMP problems. Ten minutes after starting the run, I had to come off. Susan was so tired after her day that we could not try again so we went to bed. I had concerns since you may note from the previous few posts, that I had not had dialysis since Sunday afternoon.

Well, I had the long night to think about my concerns since I got zero sleep. As soon as my eyelids would close, I had to sit up to burp, and not just small ones. This kept up all night long. Needless to say, it was a rough night.

Susan put me on this morning after she got up. This run went on without a problem from the dialysis aspect. We phoned the dialysis nurses and they have made arrangements with the service people to come out tomorrow and look at the machine to find out what is causing this problem. The plan is to have another run tonight and get things back to normal.

Cross your fingers.

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