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On my life as the mother of an adorable 5 year old child  with Autism and Apraxia and my attempts to do floortime. I believe in looking for the best in our lives instead of mourning what is not
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Bits of January in Seattle

My dear friends  I have taken to writing about once a month – but even though not as frequent as before, I am still glad that I am a regular...

The end of 2014

Dear friends 2014 has been rather lovely and I am sorry to see it end. ( esp as it came on the heels of a crazy 2013 and an...

The thankful week

This is a record of the thanksgiving week.  I am calling it the thankful week because of how lovely it was in its ordinary peaceful way...

Ten days in Paradise

Dear readers Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while - know that my favorite place in the world is this cabin in  the woods...

R, A and K at the start of September

My dear readers Can you believe its September already? Since fall starts early in Seattle – we can already see the glorious reddening of...

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