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Protesting Kerri Rivera and Chlorine Dioxide Abuse

Sullivan (Matt Carey) : You always hear from groups promoting false cures “listen to the parents”. Well parents, like me, see MMS...

Illinois to Kerri Rivera: Show that MMS works or stop making claims.

MMS is a scam, plain and simple. And it has been very frustrating to watch as people make grandiose claims with no one making them actually...

TED Talk: Steve Silberman: The forgotten history of autism

Steve Silberman has been researching the history of autism for 5 years.  I met him at the start of this journey, at IMFAR in San Diego and even...

More California Advicacy Needed: take 20 seconds to protect services

Take 20 seconds and use the link to send a message to your legislators that we are angry tha the proposed state budget removed the increase for...

The Age of Autism hits another low: excusing shaken baby syndrome

The Age of Autism blog has been an embarrassment to the autism communities since it was founded. They take a very vaccine antagonistic stance,...

Kev Leitch's Answers

Kev Leitch's Whiteboard
Jan 23 2010 by Michael J. Dochniak

Dear Kev,

You may want to read the new Nova Science book entitled, "Allergies and Autism" which describes how the antigenic proteins from Hevea brasiliensis natural-rubber affects hyper-adaptive immunity and the atypicality in ASD.

Enjoy your passion for finding the truth and hope you read the book.


Michael J. Dochniak 

Oct 01 2009 by Sally

Hi Kev, What happened to you then????????



Dec 01 2008 by Zurama ..
Hi Kev. Nice to meet you.