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Comment on study: Early exposure to the combined measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and thimerosal-containing vaccines and risk of au

Missed this one from earlier this year. A study that looked at both MMR uptake and thimerosal exposure from infant vaccines. Guess what? “No...

So, you supposed champions of autistic minorities, why aren’t you commenting on the new autism prevalence report?

One of the first things I check when I see a n ew study on autism prevalence is how the prevalence varies among racial and ethnic sub...

U.S. announces 2% autism rate. Again. And it’s dependent on a change in the way a survey is worded. Again.

Last week a study was released showing an autism “rate” in the U.S. of about 2% (an estimated prevalence of 2.24% to be exact). Luckily one of...

Mr. Kennedy, if you know the science, why did you claim that the MMR vaccine contains mercury?

Robert Kennedy (son of Robert F. Kennedy) has been focused on reducing mercury exposure for some time. His advocacy against mercury led him to...

With a new IACC meeting, there’s a chance to be heard. Send your comments now.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services has seated a new Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC). The committee is in place to...

Kev Leitch's Answers

Kev Leitch's Whiteboard
Jan 23 2010 by Michael J. Dochniak

Dear Kev,

You may want to read the new Nova Science book entitled, "Allergies and Autism" which describes how the antigenic proteins from Hevea brasiliensis natural-rubber affects hyper-adaptive immunity and the atypicality in ASD.

Enjoy your passion for finding the truth and hope you read the book.


Michael J. Dochniak 

Oct 01 2009 by Sally

Hi Kev, What happened to you then????????



Dec 01 2008 by Zurama ..
Hi Kev. Nice to meet you.