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Autistic kids are more likely to be hospitalized–and that includes for vaccine preventable diseases

There’s a lot of talk about comorbid conditions and autism. Sadly that conversation is often used to suggest that vaccines cause autism. As...

Jim Carrey, you are part of the problem for us in the Autism Community

Years back Jim Carrey was and autism were mentioned together regularly in the news.  This was at the height of the vaccine misinformation...

California Senate Bill introduced to increase disability services funding

I just got an email forwarded to me from Senator Beall’s office.  The Senator has introduced a bill to increase funding levels for the regional...

Action Alert: You guessed it, we need more emails to save our services

Below is an action alert email from The Arc of California and United Cerebral Palsey.  The short version is “ First, click here once to email to...

Protesting Kerri Rivera and Chlorine Dioxide Abuse

Sullivan (Matt Carey) : You always hear from groups promoting false cures “listen to the parents”. Well parents, like me, see MMS...

Kev Leitch's Answers

Kev Leitch's Whiteboard
Jan 23 2010 by Michael J. Dochniak

Dear Kev,

You may want to read the new Nova Science book entitled, "Allergies and Autism" which describes how the antigenic proteins from Hevea brasiliensis natural-rubber affects hyper-adaptive immunity and the atypicality in ASD.

Enjoy your passion for finding the truth and hope you read the book.


Michael J. Dochniak 

Oct 01 2009 by Sally

Hi Kev, What happened to you then????????



Dec 01 2008 by Zurama ..
Hi Kev. Nice to meet you.