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Autistic adult restrained and sedated

The day I finished writing about a new study on emergency service use and how this often ends up resulting in physical restraints and/or...

Dan Aykroyd, still autistic after all these years

With all the recent hullabaloo about how celebrities being autistic somehow harms the autism community (if you don’t know what I’m talking...

ASAN Series: JRC Survivor Speaks Out

When this article first appeared here at Left Brain/Right Brain only the first three parts of the 4-part series were online at the ASAN website....

Autism, emergency rooms, sedation and restraints

When I saw this abstract in my daily summary from pubmed I was saddened to see how serious this problem is. In addition, I was glad to see a...

Jerry Seinfeld, still not autistic after all these years

Jerry Seinfeld made a bit of a stir in the autism community recently by stating in an interview that, well, let’s use his own words: I...

Kev Leitch's Answers

Kev Leitch's Whiteboard
Jan 23 2010 by Michael J. Dochniak

Dear Kev,

You may want to read the new Nova Science book entitled, "Allergies and Autism" which describes how the antigenic proteins from Hevea brasiliensis natural-rubber affects hyper-adaptive immunity and the atypicality in ASD.

Enjoy your passion for finding the truth and hope you read the book.


Michael J. Dochniak 

Oct 01 2009 by Sally

Hi Kev, What happened to you then????????



Dec 01 2008 by Zurama ..
Hi Kev. Nice to meet you.