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I am mom to three kids: an 8 year old daughter with a severe bilateral congenital hearing loss and 2 1/2 year old twin sons.  Our daughter learned to listen and talk using the principles of auditory-verbal therapy (AVT).  Talking 24/7 chronicles her journey.
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And, we're back (again)!

Unintentionally, I took the summer off from this blog. Here's a recap Hadley finished third grade, which was an overwhelmingly positive year....

A Blast from the Past

Hadley and I dropped in on an AVT session this week, joining another family with two school aged HOH children who switched to auditory-verbal...

As the World Turns

When Hadley was first born, I never thought there would be days when I would forget that she lived with a hearing loss. But, sure enough, one day...

Facebook and "Special Education Week"

If you're on Facebook , chances are you've seen variations of this over the last year or two "People need to understand that children with...

The Friend Connection

Finding other families with hard-of-hearing children seemed like such an important thing to do when Hadley was younger. It was obviously helpful...

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