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Five Months Later- Still Moving

A year ago I was living in our old house, and was bound to it by the physical challenges of illness.  Today I look out the big beautiful windows...

Movement-the thrill of it

My last post was about the changes with my eyes and finding adaptations to allow me to get back on the computer.  The journey to find help with...

With My Eyes Closed

Gold becomes constantly more beautiful From the blows the jeweler inflicts on it- Rumi My eyes are closed as I type, as I begin...

A Reluctant Poet- a daughter’s gift

Happy holidays friends and readers.  With the help of my daughter this poem is posted.  She wrote it last year.  Not one comfortable in the...


Being here, on a bridge, somewhere between loss of function and having adjusted to it, I find the poem below comforting.  It is about feeling...

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Feb 15 2011 by Dr. George
Kerry, My sister is currently going through what you experienced, exactly. Negative tests and all. As her doctor brother, I can only give her advice, and steer here to better healthcare. Would it be possible for you to call or email her and help her navigate the system from your lessons learned? Donna Eitel, 763-792-9250.

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