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I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner with 13 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units across the country. I have been caring for people with chronic illness for over a decade. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I find and effectively help you eliminate the underlying causes of chronic health problems. Using state of the art, in-home laboratory testing and the highest quality supplements, I can help you overcome: Neurotransmitter Deficiency... Full Bio
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Nov 23 2009 by tennisgirl
My 20 yr old boyfriend is sleeping 24/7 for 2 wks.  Blood tests, thyroid function, diabetes tests last week, were normal except for a very high wbc.  The doctor told him to get up and get back to work, and keep track of any sharp pains.  Today, both of his legs are sore and he cannot walk.  The doctor will not give him copies of his test results, so he does not know the level of his white blood cells.  Do you have any thoughts or suggestions.
Jun 25 2009 by Carmen
I read the piece where constant high wbc was discussed, and  was interested in your response. I've been diagnosed w/ Lupus - 2/2009 and have been suffering from horrible "bone" pain. Specifically the hips/l-spine/elbows and leg joints. The A.N.A. test was horribly high in Feb - then lowered in March and June. I guess this is due to Prednisone - but, I continue to get high WBC. This weekend I'm going for hips xrays and l-spine - Doc is not being clear and I'm worried.
Dec 24 2008 by Tisashwani

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