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Kent Brooks

Aspiring Liscenced Independent Mental Health Professional with a variety of interests that include depression, anxiety, reactive attachment disorder, behaviorism, psychodynamic therapy, and football :)
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Critical Time Intervention (CTI)

  Critical Time Intervention (CTI) The prevention of homelessness among the mentally ill is a vital issue for public health.  “In...

Us and Them

Recently, during a conversation with a good friend, the words “both of us” crossed my lips.  I was immediately struck with the idea that...

The Script (Part 1) Depression & Anxiety

I believe every adult has a preconceived idea about what “should happen” as they progress though this thing called life.  At some point,...

Would you like a forum? IRC?

One subscriber suggested we start a forum so that we can exchange information. Another suggestion was an IRC channel? I am also...

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