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Kenneth F.

Stanford, California
I believe that staying in good condition, eating properly and having the right attitude combines to help povide the best quality of life. I enjoy swimming and particapate to the local community Masters swim program in my neighborhood. Last year I swam over 15 miles in about two months. This year my goal is to log over 30 miles. Also, I work out at the gym and walk three miles daily and enjoy downhill Skiing in fresh powder. My... Full Bio
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Oct 11 2011 by Roland A.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for a nice advise. I believed I have done a little bit of my goal in staying healthy by using my 1 hour lunch M-F playing basketball TTH and warm-up in golf MWF.

Oct 27 2009 by Sutapa.G
Hi Kenneth,
Just send my friend request. It will be great to have friends like you. If you can make some time then I invite you to my blog.
God bless.
Sep 09 2009 by MyFroggyRulz
Same with the swimming. Swim whenever you can. Join the YMCA if there is no other option for public pool. I do lakes, too. I love water, and feel at home there, so it's easy for me. As a kid I would spend 18 hours a day in the water. Great exercise, low impact workout.
Sep 09 2009 by MyFroggyRulz
Ken, just keep walking. I have a friend who is mid 60's. He puts on like 10 miles a day. He likes to walk wal-mart's floor. Here, 4x's around the store floor is a mile. Get a step counter to track. Results will surprise you. Walk everywhere.
Apr 14 2009 by Misty R.
Hello Kenneth!  I took that class just the 1 time...and that Pedometer works great.  I did attend the Cardinal Walk last year when they gave out the newer pedometers (which doesn't work anymore).   Thank you for adding me to your friends list!!!  Good luck and take care!
Apr 07 2009 by Kenneth F.

Thank you.  Proper breathing is essential.  Also, not trying to rush and relaxing while swimming helps. 


Apr 07 2009 by kerry
i agree to that. eating healthy foods. but i realy am amazed by ur enduranz. i could only swim for about maybe one mile...hehe. still need a lot of focus...
Apr 03 2009 by kerry
Thank you Mr Kenneth for adding me as a friend. Im a mechanical engineer. Right now im engage in designs of  jigs and fixtures inserts in plastic injection in a japanese firm here in the philippines. i joined wellsphere because i want to meet and hear different stories about health from real people. ive read your bio that you love to swim for many miles... thats awsome! do you drink any energy drink before u do heavy exercise?
Feb 25 2009 by snoops

hai sir,

     my name is eldhose...i am from kerala, india. i am 22 years old. Due to my over weight i felt shame.....What can I do???? 

Jan 09 2009 by AnnieH
Keep it up Kenneth!!