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Kenna M.

SACRAMENTO, California
Racquetball woman!!! I work out everyday -- 4 times a week I play racquetball, 3 times a week. I kick box, turbo box and take a strong class. I eat healthy and learn everything I can about staying fit and young. I study everything that deals with helping my friends, family and me. If I can help others, all the better. I am in the spirit of play -- let's create and have a blast doing it.
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Jan 16 2009 by Fanda

Hi Kenna,

It's nice to meet someone who love exercise here. I like to keep myself fit by exercising. And after several years, I have gathered most fun but effective exercises that would mostly be suitable for woman’s body. You can find in My Exercise for Woman easy-to-follow guidance and pictures, to make your exercise more enjoyable. 

Hope you'll like it, and cheers...


Dec 12 2007 by Marv B.
Thank you! Kenna M. Keep up the good work I also work out everyday 6 times a week I play racquetball when I can I do cardio and weightsalong with swiming as part of my two hour routine. I eat healthy and I also learn what I can about prevention that I may help others since I've lost 140 lbs I still trying to lose another 60 the USANA vitamin supplements are what gave me my second chance on life in the last year my blood pressure went from 200/110 to 120 /60 and reversed my pre diabetes I?m so happy I can really enjoy my wife and six kids and six grand kids . I invite you to join my other meetup group in Benicia check out the web site Sincerely Marv B.