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Queensland, New Zealand
I am a foreigner with a different homeland, currently relocated to the USA in order to try to restore my life and health medically - by allowing Doctors to run an experimental drug through my veins twice a week. With their permission, and God willing, I am posting the good, the bad, and the ugly about this journey, here on this blog. Like a Sergio Leone movie, I promise to be completely honest - so if you don't like blood, sweat, and tears, I invite you to not read this. For those that want a... Full Bio
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Breaking Out!

From the New Ampligen Diaries by Kelvin Lord   There was a prison breakout in the USA this past weekend of historic proportion. And like...

Exercising Discipline

I absolutely hated gym class in Junior High. I was a skinny kid growing faster than my Mom could sew, and I had no arm muscles whatsoever. So when...

Embracing Reality

I admit it. I really blew it, big time. Two weeks ago, after my last "glowing" report about how good I was feeling at the 6-month mark, I took...

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