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I am a wife, recovering graduate student and teacher! Over the course of 12 months, I dropped 30 lbs, and have kept it off for another 6 months! I am a twenty something who lived a sedentary life for 25 years, and has enjoyed being active and healthy more than I ever expected. I enjoy running,... Full Bio
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The trouble with writing…

So, I don’t know how long I can/will/want to keep up with multiple blogs.   I mean, this blog has been alive for almost TEN years, but...


Hey, fabulous people!   I’m stopping in to do a little updating for you guys about what’s happening in my bubble!   First, and...


Friends, I know you’ll be totally (not at all) surprised by this, but I have started yet another exciting project in my crazy head. In...

the dark side of the bright side

So, inevitably, my interest in picking apart and re-hashing the internal workings of my brainz waned, and this time, I think I know why. I’ve...

How to become a John Green fangirl in 3 easy steps, and just 72 hours.

(This blog is spoiler free) In 3 easy steps. 1. Read The Fault in Our Stars . Fall in love with his book, with his characters, with...

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