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Kelsey C.

I'm a recent college grad living in Chicago. This blog follows my journey as I explore healthy food, exercise, fashion, concerts, finances, and all-around good times with friends while transitioning out of college into real life!
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The Official Grad School List

After lots of researching and praying and asking for advice... and making pro/con lists.... and then deleting those pro/con lists and making...

Stooopid iPhone

A good friend of mine is getting married in the end of January, and I'm soo excited for 3 reasons She's gettin' hitched. Ahhh!! I get to...

First Cold Weather Run

Does anyone else feel like it's Christmas season? Maybe it's the peppermint-themed drinks that are advertised in every single coffee...

Can't Focus...

I got hit with a wave of overwhelming STRESS last night when I realized I have exactly 18 days until my pre-screening videos are due to for grad...

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