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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here we are. Once again the holiday season is upon us. Just last night I was facebook chatting with my cousin. (Join me on facebook, search my...

Ding Ding. School's in Session. Be Careful With My Kid

David has been in his ESY session at his new school since July 1. We were all excited. A new school. David is officially a kindergarten guy. We...

The Dog Days of Summer

Yeah, that's gotta be it! The last few days with David have been challenging to say the least! He finished pre-school last Wednesday. He...

Oh Gawd! I Can't!

Sigh... That's David's newest phrase. See, David doesn't have speech like one would have in conversation. He does use words and phrases...

Riddle Me This, Batman.

About a month ago, David fell while playing. He falls often due to his hypotonia. He was crying after the fall. So, I did a really quick...

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