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Kelly S.

Saint Peters, Missouri
A dual citizen of the US and Canada, I moved here to the US in 2003 to be with my husband, John. Together, we have two boys, Eric (born in 2006) and Danny (born in 2008). Danny was a month early and was diagnosed shortly after birth with congenital CMV. After spending 2 months in the hospital... Full Bio
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Breaking Down Barriers

Bit by bit, we are learning how to communicate at a level that truly amazes me with Danny. As his reading grows, he is becoming...

Late Night Waking

It’s nearly 10, and suddenly a wail comes through over the baby monitor. I sigh and push myself to my feet, grumbling slightly; I’m so over the...

Autism Awareness

It’s Autism Awareness Day. Facebook is covered with images and statements – “I love someone with autism!” “Light it up blue for autism!” “Autism...

Late One Night

“I want McDonalds,” came Danny’s voice down the stairs. “You can’t have McDonalds right now, Danny,” followed Eric’s voice softly. “It’s...

Kindergarten IEP

Kindergarten is around the corner for Danny, amazing as that is to believe, and with that came the Mother Of All IEPs. 13 people crammed into a...

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