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Kelly S.

Saint Peters, Missouri
A dual citizen of the US and Canada, I moved here to the US in 2003 to be with my husband, John. Together, we have two boys, Eric (born in 2006) and Danny (born in 2008). Danny was a month early and was diagnosed shortly after birth with congenital CMV. After spending 2 months in the hospital... Full Bio
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Pinterest Fails: Fizzing Paint

So, I found this awesome blog post with fizzy sidewalk paint. How great for my boys! Outside, paint, mess, and science fizzing. I set to work...

Brothers at Play

Playing with others has never been high on Danny’s list of things to do – nor has it come easily to him. He loves his brothers like...

There He Goes

“Here you go, Mommy,” Andrew said with his ting 2 year old voice, setting the trowel down beside me. I smiled brightly down at him....

No Language Barrier

The language that Andrew is so easily able to pick up and master no less than amazes me. I totally have to watch what I say, because he WILL...


Yes, we are alive. See? And BIG! Our annual Easter egg hunt at our house was an amazing success. The boys were all so...

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