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Chicago, Illinois
I am a mother of four young children in suburban Chicago. My second child, John, was diagnosed at age one with severe dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut and legume allergy. He is also asthmatic so the likelihood of a life threatening reaction from food is increased. I spent a few years learning the... Full Bio
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The big one….

Last Saturday, I went upstairs to start my grad school homework I neglected all day because of our five kids’ sports schedules. Just 20 minutes...

What I’ve learned is….there’s still more to learn. And more to do.

In 2004 I had my first food allergy policy conversation in John’s preschool classroom in Barrington, IL. I remember how scared and timid I was...

Square One

I have taken my son to an allergist every year since his food allergy and asthma diagnosis at age one. And every year, I sit with his doctor...


First of all, I want to apologize for being such a loser blogger. I’ve had several, OK lots, of people email me asking where I have been these...

Giving Thanks….

Is Thanksgiving really just two days away? Usually by now I would normally have scoured the Internet, foodie mags and my huge collection of...
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Jan 19 2009 by Fanda

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for adding me as your friend. I'm an allergic too, and I build a site to help people with allergy and asthma to learn and share things about this disease. You can check it out at: 1st-Asthma Treatment. It's nice to meet people who share the same interest.

See you around, and cheers...



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