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I'm just a regular mom with a precious baby girl who was born with total colonic Hirschsprung's Disease and is showing a few developmental delays. I hope our family blog can help other parents dealing with HD, infant ileostomies, hospitalizations, delays, etc. About Us -- I have a Master of... Full Bio
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Cows Without Legs

Bridgette is  . . . Bridgette. No doubt. In honor of her and her uniqueness, I present Bridgette-isms: Part III. ON WINNING...

Ironman Arizona 2013

IMAZ 2013 is well and truly over. The weeks since the race have been full of questions and healing and some emotional open wounds...


So many meanings to a single word. Challenge. What does it bring to mind for you? I think of hard times mostly. Some are from my own...

Turkeys Eat Deer

She strikes without warning, right to the heart. Or the funny bone... wherever that is. (Definitely not your elbow.) Sometimes she strikes on...

With Thanks, In Advance

October 17 is auspicious to me. Because November 17 is IMAZ. That’s right folks. One month from today. My Ironman is one month from today....

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