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I'm a full time Musician, part time Radio show host & husband to a personal passion is mixed between Fitness & Music... I love living with a personal Trainer....not sure how my wife feels about living with a muso...lots of late nights.
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Chronic kidney disease

(Today another guest post by Dr Andrew Weissenberger. Read more about Dr Weissenberger here ) Chronic kidney disease (CKD), commonly...

Osteoporosis risk factors

(Today comes a guest post by Dr Andrew Weissenberger. DrWeissenbergeris a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners...

Osteoporosis risk factors

Osteoporosis means “porous bones” and is a disease where bone density (the thickness of the bone) and structural quality deteriorate,...

Healthy Warm Salad Recipe

Ingredients: Pumpkin, diced coarsely Red Capsicum, diced coarsely, Mushrooms (I prefer large, flat, or Swiss Brown, but any will do),...

Benefits of Strength Exercise and Resistance Training OTHER THAN Weight Loss

Here are some quick facts about why you should include strength or resistance training into your exercise regime… Each day ~275 adult...
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