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Hello! My blog is about my journey from being overweight and miserable, to losing weight (30 lbs. so far), running numerous races, including a Half Marathon. And now training for a full marathon!
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Leaving on a jet plane

Does anyone else adore John Denver? So, I'm not exactly leaving on a jet plane, just leaving...temporarily. Saying goodbye to the life I...

That was supposed to be 16 miles

Friday evening we were supposed to get a 'dusting' of snow, but I woke up to this.  6" of snow! Now y'all know I hate snow and cold...

How I prepare for a long run

 Saturday's 15 miler ended up only being 13. My body just did not want to take one more step, so I listened. I think I know what the problem...

Diet Bet, a new workout and other randoms

Happy Friday! Here's a few random things from my week... 1. I had dinner with a friend at Longhorn Steakhouse this week, and had one of the...

Choosing Joy

I'm sorry you guys, this post has nothing to do with my marathon training or anything like that. It's more personal. I've alluded some to what...

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