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Hello! My blog is about my journey from being overweight and miserable, to losing weight (30 lbs. so far), running numerous races, including a Half Marathon. And now training for a full marathon!
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I Mustache You Some Questions

Happy Friday! I got tagged by my friends Rennay and Abby to answer a few fun questions. So here ya go! Four Names That People Call Me: 1....

Marathon training week 3 and a Christmas Card exchange

Last week's marathon training was non existent. I spent much of it sick, so wasn't able to run. It was miserable! But what made it better was...

Meijer Healthy Resolutions and my 2015 Goals

I was recently contacted by Meijer to come up with a 2015 New Years Resolution, around the topic of movement.   Meijer is Supporting a Healthy...

3 Things Thursday!

I am blogging from bed today. My whole family, every single one of us, has bronchitis. How crazy is that! And I didn't think it was contagious,...

Tennessee getaway and some cute babies

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! We had a few days of warm weather, and it was marvelous! Over the weekend I escaped to Franklin, TN...

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