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Hello! My blog is about my journey from being overweight and miserable, to losing weight (30 lbs. so far), running numerous races, including a Half Marathon. And now training for a full marathon!
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MRI Results are in...

What a week!!  I wanted to update y'all on my MRI results. I have a torn peroneal tendon. I won't see the ortho Dr. until next Thursday,...

What an experience! IMLOU

Well, I am still not running. I had an MRI on Friday, so hopefully I'll hear soon about what's going on and when I can run again. I sure miss...

Hiking, Biking and Ironman Lou

Well, this is my last week of freedom, and I have enjoyed it! Monday I start my new job. I rode a bike for the first time in YEARS. That was...

Goodbye kiddos and some Arctic Zero

Last week was the closing of one chapter, next week will be the beginning of a new one. I closed my home daycare, after 8 years. I'm gonna miss...

Injury Update

Hey guys!   Just want to give y'all an update on how my Dr. appt. went today. In case you don't know, about a month ago, my fibula (outer...

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