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Kayaking Community - Questions & Answers

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An interesting article on how to get your kayak to "fit like a glove." If you' ... more
Apr 13 2008 5:22pm
I never experience this but hope to go Casco Bay recently so that I can also feel the... more
Jan 29 2014 12:30am
I used to kayak a bunch up in Seattle and would love to get back into it here. more
Dec 17 2007 1:08pm
Larisa, REI hosts introduction to kayaking classes that feature different kinds of... more
Mar 21 2008 3:25pm
Jun 02 2007 12:15pm
i just got a new kayak and i'm not too sure yet how to maneuver it properly (my ... more
Jun 02 2007 12:15pm
What is the closest place to go for class 4 rapids? Is that safe in a kayak? more
May 31 2007 5:57pm