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Surf Kayaking It's amazing the things I learn from my involvement on this website. It makes me so happy! ...
May 14 2008 10:26am
Kayak Safety I found this great webpage with details on kayak safety (click on the post title to access the pag ...
Apr 27 2008 3:04pm
L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools The new "catalog" of L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools programming is out! I just got mine in th ...
Apr 07 2008 5:25pm
There are programs for begineers and the more advanced. As long as your ready and able... more
Apr 09 2008 5:51pm
Inflatable kayaks Don't want to spend the money on a kayak just yet, but you're interested in trying one out? Well, ...
Nov 04 2007 1:12pm
Stanford Kayak Club The Stanford Whirewater Kayak club offers weekly roll sessions in a heated pool for those wanting to ...
Oct 18 2007 4:33pm
Kayaking Key West With the weather getting colder and winter solstice a couple of months away, the Florida Keys soun ...
Oct 11 2007 7:51am
Near death experience on a raft It was 10 years ago. I was rafting in Montana. We flipped over and that was it. 15 minutes of ser ...
Sep 16 2007 1:56pm
For kayaking and I'm sure other paddling sports, there are classes and courses that you... more
Jan 02 2008 6:09pm
Kayak in Maine Looking for a unique trip where you can hit the water, enjoy the bay breeze, and be among nature?Vis ...
Aug 13 2007 5:33pm
I just wrote a piece on ocean kayaking along the Atlantic coastline. Nova Scotia,... more
Sep 05 2007 10:04pm
Stretching No doubt, kayaking is a complete upper body workout. Stretching the upper body before and after kay ...
Jul 19 2007 8:02am
Quick, easy paddle If you are looking for a local, easy introduction to kayaking, and a good excuse to get outdoors on ...
Jun 30 2007 10:28am