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Wreck Boats

Posted Jun 02 2013 8:08am
June 2, 2013 | By derrick
Sunken Kayak

I know, I know.. I’ve heard it before.. “All boats are good boats.”  but when I see kayaks that will do this it gives me the willies!  I mean I get it, recreational kayaks are popular and for some unfathomable reason most people survive their experience.  Still,  when I think of the people who rent kayaks like this regularly all over the world in all sorts of weather and conditions, many who can barely swim… not to mention the sketchy “life jackets” they are given.. I’m surprised people aren’t dropping like flies.. or is that sinking like stones?  Well, if your going out in one of these things, only go out in warm, flat water.. and stay close to the shore.  Humans are amazingly lucky creatures sometimes…..

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