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Worse Than A Clip-Show – LINKS!!

Posted Aug 17 2005 12:00am

She was a short order pastry chef
In a Dim Sum dive on the Yangtze tideway – waters
In television when they have nothing creative to do they put together a clip-show. So since today I’m still fighting through another ear infection and I can’t think clearly (like I ever could), I’m going to share some of the links I’ve been collecting that are not quite what I would add to the website all the time, but interesting none the less. . .

Over at I found some great 360 VR tours from the Anglesey area. It’s almost like being there. :)

I’ve linked Atlantic Kayak Tours on the site, but I want to run you right over to their hanging draw demo. Remember this is one of those “cool” kayak moves, that while you may not really be any good, if you can do this you will look like you are!

Brian Nystrom has lots of pictures showing various kayak customizations. For us winter paddlers the idea of putting spacers on our decklines seems like a great idea. Especially when we have big fat gloves on. Here’s a picture of Brian’s lay out

Christmas is coming. So where do you get your “NDK” kayaker fun stuff? Well, not from NDK unless you want a hat. But luckily their logo is a welsh dragon and that’s something we can find. Try:

And on that note, if you are an extreme anglophile you may want to find this site:

Do you want to listen to some really unique music while on your computer? Go to

People still ask me about our trip to the Manitou Islands. Well, besides the gallery I have here, you can also go to The Unofficial SLEEPING BEAR DUNES HOME PAGE

——Here’s a couple little videos you may enjoy.

1. At Riptides and Rapids they have a 2 minute video of various BCU coaches doing quick introductions. Kinda fun. go to and scroll about halfway down for the link.

2. Ok, define showing off?? hmm, try this:

——-For all you folks wanting to learn a roll without buying a book, video, or taking lessons. . . Well, try this Good luck. . .

Thanks for tuning us in and hopefully the next episode will be new and original. . .

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