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way past logan’s run

Posted Jun 30 2006 12:00am
“Show me your hand, Logan,”
Logan obeyed.
“Do you know why you have this?” he said,
tapping the palmflower with an index finger.
“To tell my age,” said Logan.
“And how old are you?”
“I’m six.”
And what happens when you are seven?”
“It goes to blue… and I leave the nursery.”
- from logan’s run

Ok, so it’s the day AFTER my birthday. Hmmmm. Seems to be just like the day before and surprisingly just like yesterday actually. I did have a good day. I just couldn’t bring my mind to attach any significance to the whole thing. I woke up, I didn’t work too long, then I went off to the lake to play. In the evening I was back home eating white cake with white frosting and watching old episodes of “Thin Blue Line“.

41 is sort of a nothing age. I guess you could celebrate that you had made it that far. Well, I could anyway. Remember in Logan’s Run you had to cash it in at 30. I never really imagined I’d make it much past there myself. I think when you pass your pre-ordained jumping off point, birthdays just become sort of irrelevant. Yesterday Mary asked, “What do want to do?”. My reply, “Well, I have no where I want to go, nothing I want to buy, and I’m not really all that hungry.” That’s what 41 feels like.

So we just spent the day on the water. Which I as I said earlier, is a good day. Yet these days I can’t recognize they grey guy in the pictures that people keep saying is me. I really don’t FEEL grey. Even Mary has a habit these days of pointing out that I’m not even similar to who I was 10 years ago. She gives no hint as to better or worse. I hold out hope for better.

Now 30 was a milestone of sorts. On that day under the influence of William F. Nolan and George Dickle, I kept checking to see if my palm had begun to blink. I was pestered by the voice of Charlton Heston telling a young ape, “Never trust anyone over 30″. Good advice. I didn’t and for the most part I still don’t. Especially myself. Heck, I never know what I’m on about! One thing is sure, 41 is way past Logon’s Run and I still haven’t found Sanctuary.


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