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The Story of How I Lost My Nuts…. (Don’t Lose Yours)

Posted Sep 21 2013 9:23am
September 21, 2013 | By derrick

Isn’t it always the way it goes?  I love that phrase.  No, it isn’t always the way it goes but sometimes it does, and when it does, it always seems like it always does.  Take this week for example..

So I was careening down one of the many bluff roads back into our hometown after picking my son up from school.  His school is on the opposite side of our baby mountain range.  So each day it’s up, over and down both ways.  Of the two routes I usually take the more rural, and more curvy of the two.  That made it even a bit more scary to think about as I was pulling off the road when the jeep suddenly got a wild shimmy.  What I thought to be a flat tire, was actually a tire suddenly held on by just one lug nut.  The rest had all disappeared!! Luckily we had just reached the bottom of the hill when it went.  It seems the rest of the bolts had all sheered off.  Yikes!   Well, with one lugnut holding the tire in place I drove the jeep across the road into the parking lot of a country bar and called for a ride.  That was thursday.  

Friday seemed much more promising.  By 10 am I was on the road peddling my black, white and red Trek underneath ominous storm clouds, taking a key out to my stranded Jeep for the tow truck guy.  I’m not one to turn down an opportunity for a good rainy day cruise on my bike!  After a few miles wet ride, I was putting the spare key under the gas cap when my phone rang..  For a moment I couldn’t figure out how to answer my phone! (Wouldn’t you know, I’d just installed OS7 the night before. ) When I finally did tap the slider or slide the tapper or whatever way it goes, I found myself talking with Sue about how to deal with her car that was now sitting at a gas station 15 miles away.. needing a tow.. Oh man!

Sitting here Saturday morning, it’s funny.  Ultimately we worked the problems and are still on course to head north Monday morning to the little town of Copper Harbor on the Keweenaw peninsula surrounded by Lake Superior for a week of paddling and lazing about.

I’ll tell you one thing I’ve learned over the years; If cars break down, bank cards don’t work or when whatever other white whines fall upon us, it’s just not worth getting your blood pressure up. In fact getting acidic about it is almost obscene.  Things happen and they’ll happen again.  It’s life. In fact, life is what is happening right at that moment when things go wrong not only for you, but for everyone around you.  Your children, your partner, the people around you will be affected by your choices to vent your frustration and anger. With a bit of clarity of mind, you can just look at those around you and smile. You’ve had worse. Accept the problem and enjoy the adventure.  Not only will you have a better day, but you may even earn a little respect from those you love along the way.

Oh, yep.  This is a lesson from my childhood.. from the days on family trips when parents getting off on the wrong ramp would make you wish you could just crawl into a hole.

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