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The Elephant and the Blind Men

Posted Sep 18 2013 1:20pm
September 18, 2013 | By derrick

Sue and I have always been addicted to the outdoors, but we come at nature from very different perspectives.  As a professional naturalist she has spent her life not only appreciating nature on a personal level, but as a teacher and student.  As we explore the prairies, woodlands, hills and waterways of our area, she studies and identifies elements of our world I will often miss.  I found nature to be a sanctuary, a place I escaped to and often see in large brush-stroked landscapes. I find myself lost in a wash of colors, shapes, sounds and sensations. Walking together we often experience very different worlds around us. Through nearly constant conversation we draw each other into our individual perceptions of our shared environment. In the end, we both come to see our surroundings on a much broader scale.  I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere. One thing is sure, we don’t cover distances very well. :)

*Photo from the Goose Pond Sanctuary near Arlington, WI.

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