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surfing a hurricane

Posted Sep 14 2007 12:00am

Surfing A Hurricane
We’ve got a low pressure system and a northeast breeze
We’ve got a falling barometer and rising seas
We’ve got the cumulonimbus and a possible gale
We’ve got a force nine blowing on the Beaufort scale
- billy joel

Well, I’ve been back in Wisconsin for 12 days now and somehow “Surfing a Hurricane” seems pretty appropriate. Last night was the first time in fact that I got to sit down and actually look at any of the video I took in PR. The poor guy in the screen capture above never actually manages to get on his feet, but just watching him out there on his board facing the sea is pretty inspiring without ever seeing him “shoot the curl!”. When I was watching him bobbing around out there, suddenly it reminded me of a point Kelly Blades always makes before he takes his classes out to to strange (and in some southern states possibly illegal) things with their kayaks. He talks about how we kayakers can be out in our kayaks loaded down in all our fancy gear, prepared for all situations. Serious. Focused. . . Meanwhile right next to us, a bunch of little kids are splashing around with big plastic inflatable Killer Whales and squirt guns. It puts things in perspective. So I saw this guy and thought, “hmmmm, maybe I should grab my kayak”. It can’t be THAT bad! LOL!Now on to other things. . .

Did you see the new facelift on Greg Stamer did a great job with that. Have a look.

Freya sent me a big CD full of pictures from Iceland to get put into a slide show for her website. So watch for that soon at

I’m sending out a bunch of exclusive PR photos to Canoe and Kayak today. So keep an eye out for a couple of those in an upcoming issue. Thanks guys for asking!

Skim Kayaks shipped a Skim Distance kayak to Madison. Yeah, it’s there now! I’m going to do my best to get over there this weekend and give it a go. Thing is, I’m back in the flatwater zone so we’ll see what I can learn in calm conditions. I wonder how it will do as a Greenland Roller?? Review to follow. . . .

By the way, I still have the Anas Acuta for sale. Lots of inquiries but no takers yet. Man, maybe I should just keep it. Everyday it does not get sold is another day for me to second guess my decision. LOL! I really love that girl.

Speaking of Kayaks, I’ve got a good number of questions on where to get a Rockpool kayak in the states. Well, right now you have to order them directly from Rockpool in Wales and ship them. So, it has to be worth the shipping cost to you. I have a good shipping option as well, so if you are interested how to get it here just ask.

Oh, and yes there are some interesting expeditions coming up soon. I’m just holding off on the details before I announce them here. But some really challenging stuff for sure.

Well, have a flippin fantastic weekend. As for me, I’ll be on the water some, editing video some, drinking some, and maybe trying to dig up video of the Magic Roundabout! Boing, Boing, Boing. . . . .





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