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Stupid Kayak Tricks

Posted Aug 29 2005 12:00am

One great way to improve your skills is to get out and do stupid things in your kayak. Not the stupid things that get you killed, just the ones that make you look like a total moron to the folks walking along the beach. With that in mind I’ve added two new video clips. Videos 2 & 3 under the heading “fun stuff” The first is called “What the ??” and is a fun little trick where you spin your paddle over your hull in mid-roll. Once in awhile i would hit the deck at the wrong angle and send the paddle straight up into the air. The next clip called “catch it on the other side” is another stupid kayak trick. Not really too hard once you figure out how to get your paddle to stay by the boat when you roll. Oh, and unlike the stunt videos you certainly can try this at home!Justine C. just got back from her trip to Orkney, a group of remote and pretty islands off the North coast of Scotland. She added a bunch of nice pictures here & be sure to read the new journal post as well. Check out the shape of that Rockport Kayak!

Well, that’s it for today. Happy Christmas!

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