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St Kevin’s Stump

Posted Nov 02 2005 12:00am
Unicorns and cannonballs, palaces and piers, trumpets towers and tenements, wide oceans full of tears, flags rags ferryboats, scimitars and scarves, every precious dream and vision, underneath the stars, you climbed on the ladder, with the wind in your sails, you came like comet, blazing your trail, too high too far too soon, you saw the whole of the moon – waterboys

What some call “house cleaning” I call “Visiting St. Kevin’s Stump”, so without further delay. . .

So in yesterday’s episode we talked about knives. The comments area is worth a look as it really helped fill things out a bit more. Alex pointed out how a good knife is a necessity in whitewater, while John pointed out that the BCU is pretty clear on the subject. He also clarified the exact kind of scissors you would need to replace a knife, although he carries a folding knife himself. Then I came back in to quote the BCU handbook as well as get a brand name for the scissors. Stay tuned tomorrow when we’ll hear Bonnie say. . . .

In other news the Kiwi’s are just a few elephant seal steps away from completing their South Georgia Expedition. Wow. I can’t even find one thing to say that is not nice about these guys. Heck, even the logs on their website have been a joy to read. I just really feel for the UK group who should be leaving about now, or a couple days ago for South Georgia. I think I’d feel like I had the wind kicked out of me. It would be tough to find a new inspiration to make the long journey down there and freeze for a couple weeks. Especially so close behind the New Zealanders. But such is the nature of Expeditioning. The experience has hinted to the great race for the pole at the turn of the last century. As most of you know the first team to reach the South Pole was led by Norwegian Roald Amundsen who reached their goal on Jan 17th, 1911. The British team arrived a day after Amundsen on Jan 18th to find the tent that Amundsen’s party had left, with a letter inside addressed to the King of Norway and a note asking Scott to deliver it. As was pointed out to me in a recent email, there is still a prize to be had for Hadas Feldman of Terra Santa Kayak Expeditions in Israel in that she can become the first woman to circumnavigate South Georgia. In the vernacular of the day. . . “You Go Girl!”

There’s a new blog out there I’d like to share. This one is from Axel Schoevers who is a BCU coach from the Netherlands. Axel has been practically everywhere and has a million stories to tell. Actually he’s kept an online log book for sometime, but must have found the blogging thing too convenient. Mary took a real liking to Axel when we were in California last year and will be one of his regular readers I’m sure. :) His blog is at

OnKayaks is now graced with Freya Hoffmister’s picture. Yeah, I did bait him into it. In a post at Qajaq USA Freya mentioned doing a calendar. I’m all for that. Although I’d like to see one featuring all the well know kayaking women from Sea, WW, & Traditional. Not necessarily a “Playboyesque” calendar, but one that can inspire adults and young women as well. I’m sure there are a lot of girls out there who could use an alternative roll model to the cast of “Desperate Housewives”. These days inspiration can be hard to find for young people. Especially things that involve physical fitness in any form. Today it’s not hard to see why many kids ask, “What’s the point”? The great thing about kayaking is that it does not HAVE to be a competitive, physical fitness sport. Sure it can be, but it can also be about so much more. Kayaking can be about exploring your world, freedom & solitude, spiritual growth, relationships or self indulgence and much more depending on what you bring with you. Many people enter the sport without a thought for competition or physical fitness and accidentally get into the habit of fitness while trying to reach other personal goals. I can’t help but think about all the kids who sit around their rooms feeling alone because their brains do not function on the “normal” sitcom, team sport, school function, right clothing, right parents, right friends world. A few I’m sure would find an epiphany in just sitting in the middle of a lake and listening to the rain or the rush of facing a big wave alone. Oh, and maybe some kick-a** music in the headphones. If we can “trick” a few teenagers into exercising along the way, that can’t be a bad thing! Ok, I’ll put my soap box back in the corner now. . . until next time. . .

Nydia in Wisconsin sent me a link to a poem. I’d like to share that as well. I think “flexing in your G-string” is a uniquely non-American male wardrobe option but it didn’t kill the moment. Thanks Nydia!

Give me the new TV Guide
And get off the phone
Go on and take sides,
it’s not my problem
Waiting for worlds to collide in the comfort of home
They say Lucifer’s free
What shall we do
Don’t ask me – j. jackson

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