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Spin, Spin, Spin

Posted May 11 2012 11:30am
May 11, 2012 | By derrick

That squeaking sound you hear is not my bike. No, it’s the sound of the rusty gears in my mind contemplating having to replace it.  It isn’t that I don’t love my archaic old Trek 800 Antelope,  it’s just well… $200.00 I’ll need to spend on repairs is a good chunk toward something with, oh, shocks for one.  Considering that my favorite trail is strewn with various sharp rocks, half-exposed boulders and mischievous tree roots, I’d sure love front suspension.  So the thing is, here in Wisconsin there is an unwritten law that you have to buy a Trek. I mean, what kind of Wisconsinite would I be if I didn’t?  A damn poor one!  That’s right.  

So the dude at the local bike shop tells me that what I probably want is something called a Duel Sport .  This is because I ride rail-to-trail & street as well as my rough-and-tumble bluff Devil’s Lake State Park trail .  I’m also told that these days, anything under 29 inch tires is just sad and slow.  O.K.  I’m old and I know I’m out of touch.  I mean, I find both “ fixies ” & attachment parenting to be scary and confusing.   The only thing more scary to me are the thin tires on the Duel Sports.  Are they really going to work for me when I’m out mudding through a torrential rain?  The tires on my old 800 must be at least twice as wide, even if they are only twenty-sixes.  But I do get that it sucks to ride knobbly tires on the rail-to-trails for multi-day trips.  I suppose I could always keep spare times and rims sitting in the shed?

Well, in the end, I’m not a cycling addict, but I do ride a lot. I don’t need the best bike for all situations, just a good bike that will last 20 more years of abuse in whatever situation I find myself riding in.  ( I think I’ve said that about kayaks as well!) If the Duel Sport is it, then that’s it.  Now the what I need to know is; Are 3 more gears and hydraulic brakes worth $250.00?  Or maybe I want that Wahoo

Decisions, decisions…

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