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Second First Impression

Posted Jan 11 2006 12:00am

If this is love you’ve got to give me more,
give me more, hey hey hey, give me more. – lennon-mccartney

You know how it is with first impressions, but I can’t help but at least mention Swedish Kayak Manufacturers, Skim Kayaks! The first time I came across their website was about a year ago and I was more than a little enamored. The first thing you notice of course is the funky paint job. Cool!, a kayak with racing stripes! Then as I dug around a bit I started to see that they were doing a pretty good job at covering all the bases a sea kayaker might expect. Lots of nice little details. I’m especially impressed with the tow rig placement. Now that was designed by someone who’s climbed up on their back deck before! Getting that cleat off the back deck would be a God-send! Other little details include;

  • recessed skeg control with protected wire
  • hatches secured internally
  • tilted aft bulkhead to get the water out easily
  • rescue straps for paddle float recoveries (we just talked about that!)
  • plastic beads on some of the bugies right off! (easier to grab)
  • nice low flat rear deck. (I should probably call this a really big detail!)

Right now they have just a couple models, the Skim Distance which is 19′2 with a 17′6 waterline. The width is just a bit under my Explorer at 20.9, and it weighs about 55lbs. It sure looks to be a fast expediton boat. The other is the Dex which is just over 16 feet and has an ocean style cockpit no less! It’s like a play boat for control freaks! The Dex is intended to be a nimble little play boat that can handle weekend trips as well. I’d love to get the dex out and give it a go in surf.

What inspired me to write about SKIM was the fact that they put a giant ad in SeaKayaker’s last issue which expectedly spawned a discussion on one of the message boards about US distributors. So I had to ask! The answer to that question is that SKIM is expecting to have a US distributor in the near future. We need to keep an eye on their “contact page” on the website. From there maybe we’ll get an opportunity to paddle their boats. I sure hope they are as awesome to paddle as they look resting on the beach. Until then, we can just fantasize that this is the “do everything” kayak we’ve all looked for. . and hey, wouldn’t that be great!??

Visit Skim Kayaks at
or in English at

*Photos provided by Skim Kayaks. Used by kind permission. Thank you!

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