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Sea Kayaker Round Up

Posted Dec 29 2006 12:00am


Do you see them coming through fields of snow?
Do you see them riding through fields of snow?
One rides for a woman who has no name
One rides for a king
And one just rides and rides and rides and rides
For the girl in the swing

Yep, I found Freya’s profile in the new Sea kayaker Magazine. (this time they posted their cover before I did! LOL!!) Even for die hard Freya fanatics there are some facts in there you may not know. Certainly a nice profile. Now to be fair there was some reference to a “fan” in there . . . I would have said, “admirer” or “maybe occasional internet slave”. . ., or maybe, “incredibly attractive and kind person with a mild and giving nature. . . ” but that’s another story. So much for honest journalism!Fellow “buga-ite” Brian Day has a great article in there as well called, “Compact Packing for Expeditions”. Great! Just in time to help me figure out how many bottles of wine I’ll actually be able to fit in my boat. After reading his article I’m thinking “Bag Wine” may be the proper selection.

Lastly there is a nice bit on Lendal’s New ION Paddle blades. Remember these are their new ultra-unique glowing paddles. I’m actually quite thrilled to imagine how they would look against the blue bioluminescent waters of Vieques. Maybe we’ll see. . . One thing, the article suggests they may not have broad appeal. Time I guess for a “101 things to do with a phosphorescent paddle blade” post. . I’ll get right to work on that!

Of course there are all sorts of other surprises in there as well. But I don’t want to spoil it for you. I hope we get to see more trip articles in the future from some of the gang. I’ve noticed a good number of top paddlers who do write and have done some magnificent trips have been conspicuously missing. Ah, but then kayakers and editors often don’t mix. Thing about Explorer types is. . . too many metaphors. Of course here at “Quixotica”, everything is metaphorical, lyrical, or maniacal. Just depends on the day.

Well, I think I’m off to the pool this morning. Reading about Freya reminds me that she’s coming to visit us in a few months. On the off-hand chance we get in some play time I don’t want to suck!

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