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Saturday 5:39am

Posted Nov 05 2005 12:00am

Somedays you read something profound that jumps out to remind you that life is great. “Like what?” you may well ask. Ok. I will tell you. Since you asked. Let me set the story. . .

As you know the New Zealanders have completed the first circumnavigation South Georgia Island by sea kayak, (congratulations, seems too small a word) and the British team is just on the way. Then this morning I came across this post . . .

Wednesday 3rd NovJeff Allen and Hadas Fieldman set off for Paddington Station (London) from Truro Station (Cornwall) at 7:45. Jeff is worried that he may not have packed enough socks…………


I don’t know about you, but I’m smiling. Some of you many know the story of the Beatles & The Jelly Babies. Once one of the fab four, I don’t remember which, made the mistake of saying he liked Jelly Babies (or Jelly Beans if you like). For a time afterward the Beatles would perform under a rain of multicolored candies that were tossed by the truck load onto the stage.Probably why my odd morning brain started thinking. . . .

Wouldn’t it be funny if when the team arrived
on South Georgia Island at a quarter to five,
they were met by boxes?

Millions of boxes of international sockses!
Boxes, bags, and envelopes bursting with sockses.
Woolly socks, yes. Even thin socky rags!
Every kind of sockses would be in those bags.

And they’d wonder why.

“Why?”, they would wonder while scratching their chins under.
Why all the boxes of mix and match sockses?
Why all the boxes ?
And why all the bags?
Why would someone send us those thin socky rags?

Yes, why indeed?

I’m not sure of the shipping.
I’m not sure they’d arrive.
But I’d like to do it.
I’d love to try.
Just to say good luck, be safe, be well.

I’d love to send sockes and warm wishes as well.

Follow along at

For my part I’m off to paddle on Lake Michigan for the day.


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