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Posted Dec 11 2007 12:00am

‘Cause I’m a wanderer, yeah a wanderer
I roam around around around around around around
- dion

Apparently you can get just about anything at Watkin & Williams hardware store.  At least it looked that way when we drove past.  Since they are on route to Snowdonia in Wales they offer a wide array of camping gear. Camping gear. .  . 

Yeah, well I woke up this morning to more weather warnings and more snow falling outside the window.   Nice.  I have to say, I am really not a fan of winter any longer. The last time I said that here someone commented to the effect of "Well, something must be keeping you there. . ".   Fair answer, but of course life is complex and you can’t always just decide to raze the castle and set up shop somewhere else.  Although to be honest I’m certainly ready to plan a migration.  Where though is always the big question. If you just decided to pick up and move where would you go?

Well, while we think about that it’s a great time to check in with Freya Hoffmeister who is steadily trucking her way round the South Island of New Zealand.  Apparently she was demonstrating some naked tent management the other day.  .  .  that’s always fun.

Simon Osborne is celebrating the birth of a new sister (contrats!!) while he and Phil Cleg continue their journey around Madagascar.  They have been playing a game of “beat the wind” which many of us are familiar with.  It means get up with the sun and get as far as you can until the mid-day blast slams you in the face.

Jeff Allen has announced that he and Mark Schoon from Carpe Diem will be paddling from Denmark up the coast of Norway in 2008, then planning to cross Finland by land and then paddle round Sweden back to Denmark by way of the Gulf of Bothnia into the Baltic Sea.  That’s cool.

Justin & James are still out getting tossed around the "ditch" as well. That’s fun.  One thing i wish they would do is put up a text transcription of their podcasts. I don’t know about you but I’m having a hard time understanding them sometimes. Plus, I bet some folks who want to check in from work have to choose not to since they may not want to play the podcasts and alert their bosses. :)

Justine Curgenven is just about on her way to New Zealand for trip with Barry Shaw  as well.  Oh,  and did you see this picture?  Who said kayakers aren’t willing to get down in the mud. . .

Hmmmm, now where would I move to?  Well, I remember last year around this time I was thinking about Belize. . .

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