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Return From Copper Harbor

Posted Sep 28 2013 2:38pm
September 28, 2013 | By derrick
kayaking Copper Harbor Michigan

I’ll admit it. I’m tired. After the seven hour drive north to the very tip of  Michigan’s Keewanaw Peninsula, 2 days on the water and another trekking through the wilds, (and I mean WILDS) of the Keewanaw’s endless forests, then the long drive back.. I’m ready for a vacation!  Oh, and I left out the two Wisconsin State Parks we hiked along the way!  

Sue and I spent two full days on the water with perfect autumn weather conditions. Sue has said she never has seen the lake so calm as it has been while we visited two times this year.  I think Lake Superior just nice to me. It’s almost always showing it’s softer side when I visit!

We spent much of the first day paddling around outside of Copper Harbor working our way west and south toward Eagle Harbor, then back the other direction to the Copper Harbor light house, then back again to our cottage near the water.  The next day we paddled an inland lake called Fanny Hooe, before loading up the kayaks again to drive across the Kewanaw Peninsula to launch from Bete Gris. We also slipped in a drive to the top of Bockway Mountain to enjoy a cheap bottle of wine and watch the sunset on Sue’s Birthday.


Our last day was spent hiking…and hiking… and hiking.  We didn’t see a bear, but we did hike a section of virgin pine forest and found a trail so scary that we decided we’d rather turn back then become bear food.  Oh, don’t let me forget to tell you about the gas stove that wouldn’t shut off… Yikes!  I’ll share more about our trip in the coming days.. and of course, I’ve got tons of photos as well!

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