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red wine & zantac

Posted Nov 12 2006 12:00am


Be a star and fall down somewhere next to me
And make it past your color TV
This time will pass and with it will me
And all these pretty things
Don’t say you don’t notice them
-rufus wainwright

According to a formal complaint filed against the author of We are no longer allowed to show pictures of the author in the content of any posting other than a small unchanging photograph provided in the profile at the right of this page. A settlement was reached with the plaintiff once it had been made clear that said plaintiff was sickened by the site of the authors old scraggly hide. According to papers filed today the complainant after viewing this blog, spent many hours in seclusion bent over a porcelain bowl and had originally suspected flu. Under the settlement reached later in the afternoon we are now required to display an image of Lendal paddles wherever we would have otherwise been tempted to show a picture of author.This particular picture has some sentimental value to the author not pictured in this blog, as he snapped it in a moment of boredom while sitting on the floor and assisting the Lendal reps to put display hooks on all their fancy new white paddle blades so they could be hung on the racks before a trade show in the spring of 06.

Please note that the author (who is not appearing in this blog as you know) will be off paddling on Lake Michigan later today and will be taking plenty of pictures of other paddlers so he is not tempted to post another shot of himself which it seems could possibly cause a rift with our closest ally at this sensitive moment in history.

By now you must realize that there was a temptation today to post a picture of the author. Thus the Lendal photograph. Why? Well to let you know there are a bunch of new rolling clips added to the site by Roy Martin and the wildly unappealing author of this blog. So while there is no picture of the author posted today, there are some fun new video clips right here.

But there is hope. We have made an alternative offer to the offended party of a life time supply of Saltines, Red Wine & Zantac delivered to their door. We are awaiting a response. . .

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