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Ray of Righteousness

Posted Aug 28 2008 12:00am

Of course the folks at ACR Electronics would take notice the SPOT messenger’s sudden popularity. They “See Spot Running” as it were. (Sorry I had to). So I found it interesting when I came across this advertisement “Bad Things Happen” which basically trees out your options in an emergency and tells you why the 406 MHZ Personal Locator Beacon is your best choice. In addition to pointing out that a GPS can’t contact anyone, Cell phones are sketchy and that you can’t build a shuttle craft with leaves and a pocket knife, they also take aim at Satellite Messengers. Not mentioning SPOT by name of course, they point out that the signal may be too weak and that you may forget to pay the subscription.  Well, that sounds just like you doesn’t it?

As you know I have a bit of a fixation on advertising. I love to see the ways companies talk to us. In this case I was thinking they may have a point about the weak signal thing. On the other hand if I were daft enough to forget to pay my subscription before I went out on an expedition I’d be just as likely to forget to charge my $500 PLB’s batteries. Putting that aside I think most of us agree that a PLB is the way to go in most circumstances and there is probably a place for the SPOT as well. I’d tend to lean toward ACR’s Aquafix myself. At least at this point where we are still learning how the SPOT works in real world situations. On the other hand when someone describes a distress signal as a “Ray of Righteousness”, I’m just a tad concerned  about what actually happens when I hit that button.  I suddenly hear the voice of Jeff Foxworthy saying you know you’re an atheist when you push the button on your PLB and nothing happens. . . . Yikes!

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