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PFDs, Kayak Rolling, Tech Wars & Rain

Posted Apr 07 2006 12:00am
lets take the boat out
wait until darkness
let’s take the boat out
wait until darkness comes – pg

Alright, that’s it then. I’m buying a Mac!! This was the first time in almost 5 years that I got a virus on my computer. It came in right though my Norton Antivirus and did it’s best to kill my system. For what it’s worth this was a nasty little bugger that was not known on any major virus db and was self replicating and pretty good and moving around within your system and hiding again. So I’m buying a Mac!!!!!!!!! Well, no. In the web-centric world I live in, a pc is best. But sometimes I wonder why I don’t go into print publishing. Apple Paradise! Here’s something interesting about the DM System War of 2006. We finally won the battle in safe-mode, system restore off, and with 2 FREE programs. AVG anti-virus and Ad-Aware. Norton Antivirus and my other two spyware blockers were in this case, totally worthless.

One of the ways I choose a topic for the daily post is to look through my search reports and see what kind of information some people are looking for when they stumble upon the site. If it’s something I’ve never addressed, I’ll write it down on my “future” list. So here’s a short one, “Rolling & PFDs”

Yes it is easier to learn rolls without a PFD. You can move around much better without the extra bulk. Surprisingly that added floatation in the PFD is not always helpful. However, if you’re out paddling and not just sitting in a pool or by the beach, you need to wear your pfd. Personally in a “safe” environment such as the pool or on my local beach with others around I will always practice rolling without the PFD. Especially new “traditional” style rolls. (I have not begun to wear a Tuilik) However, then I work to translate them back to wearing a PFD. Just because you can do a roll without a PFD, don’t just head out feeling you can do it with one on. You’d be surprised what a change it is. Having said all that, the rule is “ALWAYS WEAR YOUR PFD”. And, if I’m anywhere other than a pool or where the water is above my chest, I do.

So un-named stranger who was hoping to find the answer here. . I hope you come back, AND this was the answer you were looking for!

- d

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