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over the rainbow

Posted May 25 2007 12:00am

So have you had a chance to see Freya Hoffmeister’s new Novorca paddle? Is this the coolest thing or what!?? Yeah, I know some people will see this as sacrilege. Yet following along with yesterday’s post the big changes coming in the way of gear right now seems to be self-expression. And some paddlers want to be a little unique. Of course as I’ve mentioned before Novorca paddles are more than just self-expression. They are just damn good carbon fibre paddles. The only ones out there that are customized to your exact specifications. (and of course crazy color preference). I have to say, even working with Ron at Novorca I was still taken aback with this paddle. It’s shall we say, “loud”. LOL!

Well, I hope we all have a good weekend. I hope to get out on Lake Michigan tomorrow with Silbs & Jb. Wish I had my Alaw, but soon enough. Mike tells me it will be near the end of June. So, I think I may take the trusty little Trak. By the way, here’s my little Ninja boat hanging out at Heathrow. You’ll notice I came up with a pretty good way to carry the duffle as well, just strap it to the boat.


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