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Off Message

Posted Feb 23 2012 10:24am
February 23, 2012 | By derrick

So how old is your average sea kayaker these days? 121?  Sorry, but you know it’s true.  Now we’ve talked about this issue a zillion times already and I’m not going to beat a dead Venezuelan tree frog here.  Actually, the thing about age just popped into my head the other day when I found myself talking to someone about the safety of sea kayaking in general.  

As always when talking to people who don’t paddle, you find yourself saying that kayaking is actually very safe and the people getting hurt and killed out there are nearly always making poor judgement calls and usually not wearing their life jackets.  Also now that it seems everyone can get out on the water on some form of inexpensive paddle-craft, everyone and that means EVERYONE, is.

Here in our little community of sea kayakers we know that it’s almost never (knock on wood) that an experienced sea kayaker gets in any real trouble.  Heck, we’re out playing in surf & river currents. We’re rolling in kayaks that we intentionally seal ourselves into.  We’re paddling in the big lakes and the big seas.  Still, it’s so rare for someone to get into trouble.  We know that in the end, like everything we do in life, it’s about education, practice and prudence.

That brings me back to the average age of a sea kayaker… We’re geezers.  Well, most of us anyway. And still, we’re doing ok out in the elements.  When I was talking to that person about safety the other day, the line was on the tip of my tongue, but I thought better of it.. I almost said, “Sea kayaking is so safe even your grandmother can do it”.  Now that I think of it, she probably is. . ,  And kickin’ my ass, along the way…

(Can we say “ass” on this program? I’m getting old. I forget…)

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