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Near death experience on a raft

Posted by Shez B.

It was 10 years ago. I was rafting in Montana. We flipped over and that was it. 15 minutes of seriously rough waters. You really just had to let go and let the water take you. The worst part was there was a fellow rafter who kept trying to hang on me. I pushed her off and then she would be back for more. She was panicking. Other than that part of it, it is a good memory.
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Rafting is a blast. But, you need to be prepared for incidences like this one. I am glad you made it through. I used to raft a lot when I was a kid. We got pretty crazy some times. Doing stuff I would never do now.
For kayaking and I'm sure other paddling sports, there are classes and courses that you can take on how to protect yourself if you find yourself in a situation like the one Shez described above. When I took my first kayaking class, one of the follow-up courses available in the brochure included lessons on how to free yourself from the kayak in case it overturned. Definitely worth the time and money if you plan on taking a long kayak trip or are looking to make it an activity you participate in often.
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