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my favourite foremost coastal antartic shelf. . .

Posted Jan 04 2008 12:00am

You had twelve thousand years
And now it’s all over
Five hundred billion tonnes of the purest pack ice and snow
Oh Larsen B, oh won’t you fall on me?
Oh Larsen B, desalinate the barren sea
- british sea power

If some predictions are correct the first trans-polar Alaska to Norway Sea Kayak expedition could be possible sometime after 2013. (appx. 2,600miles if you’re interested) These days new evidence of climate change is coming fast and furious for anyone who wants to look.  What’s interesting is that scientist predict that warming in the poles will be 2-3 times greater than on the rest of the planet.   According to the IPCC they are also warming much faster.  While in the last 50 years the global temperature has rising about 1 F, temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula for example, have risen more than 4 f.

One of the more recent “ice-breakers” (sorry) between scientists and naysayers came in 2002 when we all were treated to the spectacular collapse of the Larson B ice shelf in Antarctica.  Something made even more dramatic when you realize that the shelf itself had changed little over the last 12,000 years. Such made-for-tv reactions to climate change happen rarely but do tend to punctuate the problem. 

With that in mind Oceans 8 producer and explorer, Jon Bowermaster & his team will be exploring the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica by kayak, sail boat, and on foot over the coming weeks.  Their intent is to get as close as they can to what remains of the Larson Ice shelf and document how it is today.  Their  online dispatches began on December 31st from Puerto Williams, Chile and include both video and audio segments.  As of yesterday they were somewhere in the middle of the Drake passage and poor Jon was dealing with a bit of sea sickness.  You can follow along here.  Suck on some ginger Jon!

Learn More About Arctic Climate Change & Larsen B:

photo copyright jon bowermaster.

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