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Little Black Number

Posted Dec 03 2010 7:37am

For a guy, the equivalent of the “little black number” is the tight black T… Well, if you’ve got the bod for it!  I’m big into black Ts too.. (Not the tight kind).  Right now my favorite is one that was sent to me by my friends at Body, Boat, Blade International .  The best part is what you don’t see.  One the back it says, “Throwing Stones At Sacred Cows”.  Now that’s my kind of coaching!  Thanks guys!   If you’d like one of these fancy black numbers you’ll have to stop by their shop on in Washington State.. or call ph: 1.360.376.5388 or email: .  They are not available online.. (Cha, ya, I know!  What’s up with that!? LOL!)

I, on the other hand am totally into the online thing.  Over in my Skillet Creek world I’ve opened a little Cafe Press shop and have been selling some cool Hiking & Skiing  trail marker  clothing & other bits and bobs.  I’m surprised how well that’s gone.  You can check those out here .  Speaking of little black numbers, I’ve got a strange black T made to repel the literate bears in your woods with the phases, “No, Bear.” and “Go Away Bear!” on the front.  So why not take a T or mug along on your next trip to Kodiak island?  Just in case… No promises.. :)

So there’s my Christmas shopping shill for the year.  It not only allows me to pay for an occasional four dollar cup of coffee from the local “fair-trade artwork and gift basket” filled coffee shop, but it also gives me another day to work on my post all about BC bindings.  It’s not easy out there in the cold, cruel world of skiing.

What?…. Snow Storm?  Tonight?   What the F- ******* (We now take you back to your regularly scheduled program.. Are you sitting comfortably?)

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